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Maintain Good Health

Brush and Floss to maintain good health!

Toothbrush & Toothpaste - Brushing in Elkhart, Indiana
When can I brush after a fluoride treatment? It's usually a good idea not to brush your teeth for about 30 minutes after a fluoride treatment at the dentist's office so that the,'" fluoride has time to work. If you brush too soon, all of the fluoride will be brushed ... Read more
Woman Smiling - Family Dentistry in Elkhart, Indiana
Why must you get your wisdom teeth removed? Wisdom teeth may not need to be removed. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent or stop infection, tooth decay and bone loss. Did you know that some people don't have wisdom teeth?
Brushing Teeth - Tooth Decay in Elkhart, Indiana
How is a cavity filled and replaced? First the tooth is cleaned and cavity (decay) is found. The tissue sometimes is numbed to make our kids comfortable. Then the decay is removed with the high-speed hand piece (dental drill). A filling material is placed in the cavity ... Read more

Kids Hotlinks

One of the best links the World Wide Web has to offer. This site really encourages young people to have great dental health!
CyberKids is a "Jump-Off' place where you can surf the 'Net to a different place every time you visit! Plus, there's lot's of cool stuff to see right there!
ADA's Frequently Asked Questions for Children.
HomeHelp is the place to go when the homework gets rough. They can point to other places to get help too!
Dr. Sheline's favorite kids site. A great place to go when it's raining outside.
The DEN is a great place for finding out a gazilion things about science.